Real life ironman flies through the sky with jet engines for boots

Pic from Jarno Cordia / Caters

This real life Ironman took his wingsuit to the next level, by strapping JET ENGINES to his boots.

Jarno Cordia’s breathtaking video shows how the daredevil was able to gain 80kg of extra thrust thanks to his comic book hero addition.

The 39-year-old, who has more than 5,000 jumps to his name, opted for a stable freefall from a hot air balloon before slowly powering up his boots five seconds in to the dive.

Jarno, from De Haag, in the Netherlands, said: “The acceleration and power you feel on your feet is incredible, and combined with the sound you really feel like a superhero.

“I have done a lot of incredible things in my years in the sport, but this definitely stands out as one of the most incredible experiences.”

Initially flying level during the July 27 shoot, Jarno was then able to gain altitude over Baarlo, Netherlands, as a result of his boots.

Designing the boots, he said, required the work of an “incredible team,” consisting of two engineers and a programmer who designed a control system.

Pic from Jarno Cordia / Caters

In the future, Jarno hopes to develop the boots to extend his roughly-three-minute flight time to about eight minutes.

By doing so – and with additional training – the fulltime skydiver hopes to then display his boots at the likes of public airshows and demonstrations.

Jarno said: “So far the response has been amazing.

Pic from Jarno Cordia / Caters 

“From friends and family to complete strangers just giving random compliments.

“I think any of these projects related to human flight tend to get people excited – myself included.”