Rare entangled halos give spellbinding spectacle in midday sky

A spellbinding spectacle stunned passers-by as two entangled halos encircled the midday sun.

The rare natural phenomenon took place on January 2, 2019, in La Rioja, Argentina, where beguiled locals turned their heads up to admire the gleaming rings suspended above a massive rainbow.

Luciana Saldivia, 19, filmed the unearthly sight from her the terrace of her house, with the rings clearly shining through the sparse clouds.

One halo is of an intense white colour, while the other has the colours of the rainbow.

Luciana said: “I have never seen something like this before. “Somebody told me that it is related to storms. “Anyway, I was stunned by the sky’s beauty, so I took a lot of pictures.”