Putts-up – Gallery reveals world’s most Insane Golf courses showcased ahead of the Ryder Cup

The world’s most insane golf courses have been showcased to celebrate the start of the Ryder Cup.


Pictured Above: Golfs most picturesque Par 3 hole sits higher than BEN NEVIS – giving a whole new meaning to a balls flight as its only accessible by HELICOPTER. Anybody teeing up at Over The Top Golf is going to need a PGA – Pretty Good Aim – to hit the green 4500ft below. Nestled at 4500ft in New Zealands South Alps, the Par 3 is more than three times taller than the Extreme 19th in South Africa at 1300ft. Accessible only by chopper, keen golfers have nothing but a green surrounded by jagged rocks and spiky rough at which to aim.


Pictured Above: Keen golfers can now play until FORE in the morning – thanks to these amazing light-up golf balls. The LED-infused balls light up in one of four colours when hit and stay lit for eight minutes while players plan their next move. They are the brainchild of US company Night Sports USA who also produce light-up tees, fairway yardage markers and flags. Boffins at the company insist they play exactly like a standard golf ball except they float in water so can be retrieved.

Pic By Daniel Durand/Caters News

Pictured Above: A man tees off in the snow during the Winter Golf Cup 2017 in Megeve, France


Pictured Above: This 400-metre high tee off point on top of a mountain at Legend golf resort has got to be the hardest golf shot in the WORLD. Its so high, anyone brave enough to take on the hole has to endure a helicopter ride just to get there, before taking their shot perilously close to the edge of the mammoth hill. The intimidating hole, dubbed the Extreme 19TH, is the longest Par Three on the planet, measuring 391 yards and sat atop South Africas Hanglip Mountain, at 400 metres tall it is also the planets highest hole, meaning it takes almost 30 seconds for any tee shot to reach the Africa-shaped green below.

Pic by Adam North/Caters News

Pictured Above: Kangaroos on the putting green in Dubbo in central New South Wales, Australia.


Pictured Above: The worlds longest golf course which spans 1,365km and takes FOUR DAYS to complete. Nullarbor Links is an 18-hole, par 72 golf course along Australias desolate Eyre Highway through spectacularly harsh terrain from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia to Ceduna in South Australia. Popular with tourists and truckers alike.