Praying for the perfect shot: Intrepid photographer snaps abandoned places of worship

This curious photographer may be praying for the perfect shot as he spends his days trekking across North America – hunting for some of the continent’s most beautiful abandoned places of worship.


Under the alter ego Freaktography, photographer Dave, who does not reveal his second name, has shot the likes of decaying alters, organs pews and vast halls with eye-catching murals.

It is through these images churches and cathedrals that Dave, 43, said, that he hopes to showcase the history and silence of the once-crowded halls, highlighting the impact of time and neglect.

Discovering these wonders takes the photographer a great deal of time and effort, as each location requires a large amount of research.


Other than using the internet to discover such locations,  Dave also keeps a close knit network of friends who are interested in exploring such decaying wonders.

When revealing the final efforts of his travels, Dave never reveals the location of each building – a way to preserve their legacy.

Going forward, he plans to continue adding to this series, as well as his growing list of shots of asylums, hospitals and other fascinating abandoned spots.


Dave said: “I love the old churches and cathedrals, they are all built with such symmetry and details.

“From hand painted ceilings to statues to intricate carvings at the top and base of the pillars.

“As places like old churches start to decay they only pick up more charm and beauty, in my opinion.”