Polar dancing: incredible acrobat performs incredible pole dancing routine while floating down river

An incredible acrobat turned pole dancing into polar dancing with a routine while floating in the middle of a river.

Marina Korzhenevskaya braved temperatures as low as -2 when as she slid up and down the pole attached to a moving block of ice.

As the Don River, near Voronezh, Russia, had not fully defrosted in April, Marina took the opportunity to turn herself upside down.

Marina’s husband Bogdan, 26, arranged the whole stunt and even filmed his wife’s routine on the ice island.

Marina said: “It was a bit scary and cold in the beginning.

“Starting is always the hardest part until you get warmed up.

“Bogdan inspired the whole routine.

“It’s fantastic when a couple can support and inspire each other.”

Pic from Caters News

It had taken a year for Bogdan and Marina to produce the arrangement as conditions had to be perfect.

Bogdan said: “It was hard and there was a possibility of the pole sinking.

“After a year of planning, everything went ok, and we were able to make a nice video.

“If a couple can join interests you can get something special like this routine.”