Pilot Captures Awesome Drone Footage Of Dune Buggies Racing In The Desert

An adventurous drone pilot travelled to the deserts of Dubai in order to capture some intense dune buggy racing.

When professional drone pilot Benoit ‘Fincky’ Finck was invited to the vast deserts of Dubai by Team Blacksheep in order to capture some intense action, the 28-year-old didn’t have to think twice about hopping on the next plane and making the journey.

Benoit used his two years’ worth of experience order to capture amazing aerial shots of the fast-paced action.

As the buggies teared up the sand of the desert hills with their 1,600 horsepower, Fincky barrel rolled and zoomed his drone over the sandy spectacle.  

Fincky said: “I love the adrenaline rush I get when I go fast or close to objects with the drone.

“I use a camera that is placed on top of the drone that sends images back to a pair of goggles I wear in order to see what the drone is seeing. It’s like I’m a tiny pilot in the seat of the drone. 

“Flying the drone with the goggles allows you to be extremely precise at crazy speeds.

“The drones I use allow for craft manoeuvres like looping, flips and rolls. It’s definitely fun.”

Hitching a ride in a buggy, Fincky got an up close and personal first person perspective of the bumpy buggy ride.

Fincky said: “It was really really cool to ride in the buggy.

“I kept asking them to go faster and harder, to pop wheelies and everything.

“I kept thinking ‘wow! look at what I’m doing right now’.

“I’m in the middle of the desert with these giant mechanical beasts, it’s just crazy.”

It was while bouncing around in the metallic monster machines that Fincky decided to take the difficulty level up a notch with the surreal experience of flying the drone from the passenger’s seat of one of the buggies.

Bumping over the hills and dunes, Fincky managed to control the drone with skill and ease while capturing some amazing footage.

Fincky said: “After riding in the buggy for the first time I kept telling the guys “I think I can fly from there!” and they were all saying “no! no way!

“Your brain won’t be able to process it, it’s impossible!” 

“I wanted to do it to challenge myself. I try to keep doing things that scare me all the time, and I did it!”