Photographer weathers some of America’s most violent storms to capture stunning snaps

A photographer has weathered some of America’s most violent storms to capture these stunning snaps.

Incredible storm chaser

One of Mike’s snaps of a huge lightning storm

Storm chaser Mike Mezeul II, 30, has travelled all over the US to shoot the likes of mammoth thunderstorms and surreal cloud patterns.

Incredible storm chaser

With over fifteen years worth experience chasing storms, Mike has amassed a selection of incredible images

His incredible collection of storm images are the result of more than 15 years of photography and thousands of miles of travel.

Incredible storm chaser

Mammatus clouds glow various colors over a dirt road in FRIONA, Western Texas.

The photographer, from Frisco in Texas, USA, became interested in storm chasing aged 16 when he got his first car.

Incredible storm chaser

A storm begins to circle in Courtney, Oklahoma

He has since shot ferocious storms as far north as the Canadian border and as far south as Mexico.

He said: “Storm photography is fun and definitely an adrenaline rush but there are dangers.

“My photography is completely self-taught so there was a lot of trial and error at the beginning.

“But after a few years, I figured out how to confidently capture lightning and all forms of severe weather associated with thunderstorms.

“This included long exposures, filters and most importantly how to do it safely.”

Mike spends days monitoring forecasts in the build-up to storms.

Around three days prior to one forming he has rough idea of the areas in which he hopes to photograph the event.

He added: “You have to be smart enough to know when enough is enough and when to get out and how.

“You also have to understand as much as you may know about a storm, Mother Nature is still in charge and things can change in a blink.”