Photographer spends two weeks travelling across Arctic to capture breath taking drone footage

A photographer has spent two weeks documenting his 3,000km journey across the Arctic.

Svalbard Arctic

An incredible Arctic waterfall captured by using a drone camera

Peter Cox, 39, shot the awe-inspiring shots of melting glaciers and wildlife using a drone.

Svalbard Arctic

On his three week trip, photographer, Peter Cox, managed to capture various aspects of the stunning landscape

He spent two weeks spanning the Svalbard archipelago in a bid to document the areas stunning natural beauty.

Svalbard Arctic

By using the machine, Peter was able to get close to the wildlife

Accompanied by a group of photography tourists, Peter controlled the drone remotely from the ground gifting viewers an amazing aerial view of the remote wilderness.

Svalbard Arctic

Despite nearly crashing on a few occasions, Peter was able to capture some spectacular aerial views

Peter, from Killarney, Ireland, said: “The video shows the beauty of the Arctic environment from the standpoint of a group of photographers.

“There were some difficulties with the drone used to capture the aerial footage – it didn’t like being that far north and ended up nearly crashing a couple of times because of compass problems.”

The vide has since received rave reviews online, and Peter added: “I think people really enjoy seeing such a remote and beautiful environment from a different perspective.”