Photographer snaps extremely rare phenomenon featuring multiple rainbows that appear to be stacked

A stunned photographer could not believe his luck when he captured a rare ‘stacked rainbow’ phenomenon.

In John Entwistle’s one-of-a-kind shot, the main rainbow can be seen getting fainter and fainter, creating an image that looks like there are four additional rainbows stacked behind it.

This phenomenon is known as a supernumerary rainbow, and was captured by John, 48, at the Jersey Shore, New Jersey, USA, last week [September 18].

The photographer said he had witnessed a double rainbow in the past, but never anything like this.


John, from Farmingdale, New Jersey, said: “I am absolutely fascinated by the beauty of nature.

“In this fast-paced world, sometimes you need to stop and take in nature.

“I have found it to be very therapeutic and calming.

“I walked out onto my deck and immediately saw the rainbow and knew it was something special.

“I called to my daughter to come out and confirm what I was seeing, then ran for my camera to capture it.

“It is my hope to get more people to stop and enjoy nature and see the beauty that is all around us.”