Photographer Morphs European Hotspots from day to night

A photographer has captured some of the busiest European cities by day and night in the same incredible images.

Snapper Stephen Wilkes, 57, took thousands of photographs over a 15 hour period in bustling hotspots like London and Paris.


A ‘day and night’ image of the Savoy hotel and London Eye

He created the brand new images by literally spending an entire day and night shooting on location from the same spot more than 1,500 times.

Dedicated Stephen then returns to his studio, sometimes spending more than a month blending the shots into one final image.

His pictures include an amazing shot of the Eiffel Tower shimmering at night with tourists taking photographs while still bathed in daylight.


By spending the entire day at each location, photographer Stephen Wilkes was able to capture the scenery both in daylight and at night

And another of the London Eye at night while day-trippers float along the Thames during the day.

One image of Trafalgar Square is made up of around 50 shots throughout the day and features around 300 people who visited the landmark.


Stephen used over 50 shots to create a day and night image of Trafalgar Square

Stephen, from New York, USA, selects the best for his widely acclaimed signature “Day to Night” series.


A day and night image of Pont De Tournelle, Paris, France

He said: “As I started to explore this series I began receiving requests globally to shoot different cities.

“The excitement built around the world, so I decided I wanted to shoot Paris and London – possibly at the same time of year.

“I love the autumnal light in those pictures – I find it the most beautiful time of year.

“We control as many variables in these pictures as possible, but it’s all about what happens on a given day at a given place.

“For me, that’s what’s most exciting – I am almost always working in distress.”

Stephen revealed he enjoys shooting locations of which people have a collective memory – such as tourist hotspots.

And he hopes to continue his series in other European locations such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and Venice – as well as Egypt and Hong Kong.

He also has a series of Day to Night shots planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the US National Park Service.

And a book is also in the works set to be released once he has reached 40 Day to Night works.

He added: “I like places where people spend their time – there can be a different vibe at night and something completely unique during the day.

“With the Trafalgar Square photograph, you gain perspective as you go back into the image – like multiple stages in a theater.

“Years ago I imagined changing time within a single photograph, compressing the best moments of the day and night into a single image.

“Photographic technology has now evolved to allow my dreams to now become reality.”