Photographer captures naked friend ice climbing in nothing but a torch helmet and climbing boots

A photographer captured the hilarious moments his friend climbed up a freezing canyon NAKED.

Naked Climber

The naked ice climber makes his way up a frozen canyon

Dressed in only an orange torch helmet and climbing boots, Sam scales the sheer frozen canyon face.

Naked Climber

Despite only wearing boots, helmet and a torch, the cold climber managed to pose for a picture

The freezing temperatures have visibly taken a toll on Sam’s legs as they turn a deep purple from the cold.

Naked Climber

The hilarious moment was snapped near a drainage ditch near Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

The nude climber was photographed by his friend Ian MacLellan in a drainage ditch near Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.

Naked Climber

Taken by photographer, Ian MacLellan, the brave climber’s legs actually turned purple due to the freezing temperatures

Ian said: “I’ve always wanted to do an essay on ice climbing as I don’t understand how people can be that committed in such freezing temperatures.

“As Sam kept climbing you could see his legs turning purple from the cold.

“I am not sure how he kept on going for that long – even with clothes on it was chilly.

“I can’t imagine what it was like in the nude.”

The frozen valley – known locally as the Auburn Ice Canyon – is in fact a massive drainage ditch situated which freezes over in winter.

Ian has been shooting rock climbers for the last decade and specialises in working in cold, wet and windy conditions.