Photographer captures moment exploded firework fills sky with haunting skull face

A photographer has captured the unique moment an exploded firework appeared to take the form of a haunting skull face in the sky.

Alla Sokolova captured these peculiar images during a firework display in St Petersburg, Russia.

PIC BY Alla Sokolova / CATERS NEWS

The Latvian photographer attended the 9th May Victory Celebrations and spent the day photographing the festivities.

When it came to the firework spectacular that same evening, Alla, 52, decided to try and capture spectators sitting on the rooves,
and get some stunning views from above the city.

PIC BY Alla Sokolova / CATERS NEWS

However, once the display began, she noticed a strange skull form out of the fireworks.

Alla said: “I noticed these two eyes in one of the fireworks and I was stunned.

PIC BY Alla Sokolova / CATERS NEWS

“I thought it looked like some kind of monster, almost like Voldemort.

“I got this really mystic feeling and had goosebumps everywhere.

PIC BY Alla Sokolova / CATERS NEWS

“I can’t say if the skull in the fireworks was an accident or some kind of warning sign, but it certainly was a surprise.”