Photographer captures incredible slow-motion video of hummingbird using iPhone

This incredible footage of a hummingbird in slow-motion looks like it may even have been computer-generated – but it was actually captured using a standard iPhone.

Photographer Phil Torres oversaw the amazing capture in the Equadorian cloud forrest, where he is currently travelling.

Pic from Jungle Diaries / Caters

In the footage Phil, 32, was able to capture, an inquisitive green and blue shimmering bird comes right up to the camera’s lens, fluttering and even taking a quick drink.

Later, more birds begin to appear, each looking straight into the camera as they appear to float in great clarity.

In order to capture the footage in late June 2018, Phil added a Moment’s lens attachment to his iPhone X, the wide angle lens giving him an incredibly close focus point.

This allowed the photographer and conservationist to set his phone to 1080p, 240fps, and leave it shooting atop of a hummingbird feeder in Sumaco, Ecuador.

What’s more amazing: New York-based Phil captured the array if floating wildlife in just 15 minutes.

Pic from Jungle Diaries / Caters

The photographer, who oversees the YouTube channel The Jungle Diaries, said: “Hummingbirds are so incredibly fast, their wings beat around 60 times per second, and while we watched my phone from afar it seemed like the hummingbirds were just passing by for a second and taking off, I didn’t expect the footage to reveal much. 

“But when I went through to review the footage we were absolutely shocked, it almost feels like we’re finally able to live at the hummingbird’s speed and see the world as they do, all of the tiny decisions and looks and intricate flight movements otherwise pass us right by.

“I have seen cinematic films with people shot on iPhones that looks really impressive, and I had always imagined that it would be “possible to film wildlife in an equally compelling and professional way. 

Pic from Jungle Diaries / Caters

“I was thrilled to finally be at the right place and the right time to put my iPhone to work and capture something that really strikes people’s imaginations.

“I love capturing the wildlife around me whether I’m stopping by a garden in New York City or exploring the forests of South America, and it’s important for me to show people that all it takes.”