Panoramic images make interiors of British churches, theatres and museums look like fantasy lands

These stunning panoramic shots showcase the interiors of beautiful churches, theatres, halls and museums in a whole new light – making them look like something out of a fantasy land.

From floor to ceiling and back again, photographer Peter Li’s enchanting shots enhance the interiors of Britains most beautiful architecture – whether they places of worship, entertainment or education.

PIC BY PETER LI / CATERS – (Pictured: Jack Frost; – Yorkminster, York.)

Peter, who is originally from Hong Kong but based in London, said that the city’s huge range of architectural styles helped stoke his passion for the series.

The idea for the ongoing series – named “Omniscience” – came to Peter, 37, in 2015, when he was experimenting with panoramic photography for the likes of cityscapes.

Turning his attention to interiors, but still using the same technique, the photographer decided that this style was a way to separate his work from that of other indoor snappers.

Peter said: “I find this abstract way of observing a three-dimensional interior space fascinating – feasting our eyes on the meticulously sculpted decor and state-of-the-art craftsmanship from floor to ceiling or wall-to-wall.

PIC BY PETER LI / CATERS – (Pictured: Cocoon – Saint James Roman Catholic Church, London.)

“My work sits between realism and fantasy.

“I often look for inspiration from paintings, movies and games.

“I started gaming from a very young age, and I think it has impacted my photography more so than any other art form.

“My love for classical architecture has less to do with the structure itself but rather an internal dialogue with my younger self.”

PIC BY PETER LI / CATERS: Adamantine – Ely Cathedral

Going forward, Peter hopes to take his photography series to similar buildings across the UK and Europe.

In order to identify the wonders, the photographer either asks for advice from friends or consults the like of Google Maps.

He added: “Beyond churches, all historic buildings remind us of our history and culture.

“They are intrinsically timeless, and in many ways, otherworldly.

PIC BY PETER LI / CATERS: Checkmate – Saint Georges Cathedral, London.

“Often these places are where people go to put their mind at ease.

“Especially in a city like London, people need a bit of space and a moment to take a breather.”

PIC BY PETER LI / CATERS – (Pictured: Royal Albert Hall London.)