Pals Form Human Flying Carpet During Rodeo Skydive

The impressive footage shows the three daredevils forming a human flying carpet while skydiving.

Ello Ebert,33, a commercial pilot, from Vienna, Austria captured the skydive he took part in with his friends Johannes and Phil, on the  11th June in  Algarve, Portugal.

PIC FROM Ello Ebert/Caters News

The reason behind the elaborated skydive was to celebrate Johannes’s 1000th jump. 

Ello said: “This was actually Johannes 1000th jump, which is a big thing in skydiving and should be celebrated with a special jump.

“In this case I took Phil on my back for a so-called wing suit rodeo.

PIC FROM Ello Ebert/Caters News

“Then Johannes came on top of us and took over my passenger by using his chest strap as a handle for Phil and  both of them flew away – we called it a ‘wing suit-rodeo-pax-transfer’.

“A friend of mine  pushed me into the sport eight years ago and now I have about 800 jumps.

“Once you start, you won’t regret a single jump – skydiving is the best sport you can do. “