Are these fabulous apartments the modern day Atlantis?

Are these stunning apartments the modern-day Atlantis? These luxury apartments sit on the water’s edge on the artificial Palm Islands of Dubai. Starting at a whopping £1.4million, the complex has around 90 pools and lives up to its watery name of the The Royal Atlantis Resort & Residences. They’re set to open in late 2019, but if you can’t quite af... read more>>

Snow dinosaur shaped reptiles spotted in 21st century ice age 

Snow dinosaur shaped reptiles have been spotted within a 21st century ice age. Andrey Bazanov, 31 was visiting Riisitunturi National Park, Finland,  and had trekked through minus 24 tempuratures to take these snow formations. The images, whereby some look just like a real life dinosaurs, were taken earlier this month. The Russian Photographer braved snow... read more>>