Outstanding top of the world views as mountaineer climbs Mount Blanc

A mountaineer witnessed the views of a lifetime after climbing the treacherous Mount Blanc.

After three long years of climbing, Alexander Schwaiger, from Austria, reached the summit of the highest mountain in the Alps and captured pictures of the spectacular view from the top.

Pic by Alexander Schwaiger/Caters News

The 38-year-old electrician said: “Since I started mountaineering, climbing the Mont Blanc and the Cosmique Grat was a big dream of mine.

“After three years of climbing lots of mountains, I finally had the experience to reach this top.

“The pictures show that everyone is able to reach their goals if you work on it.

“For me, reaching this summit was a dream came true. It was one of the best moments in my life.

“For me, mountaineering isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and it’s not possible to live without it. Climbing up the Mont Blanc was a great experience I won’t miss.”