Outfoxed! Fox gets wedged in snow after narrowly missing prey

This is the hilarious moment a fox was seen wedged in a blanket of snow after being outfoxed by its dinner.

Fox Diving in Snow

The fox carefully tracks the vole underneath the snow

With its tail pointed towards the sky, the striking young fox is seen buried beneath the sheet of white after managing to miss its quick moving meal.

Fox Diving in Snow

The striking red fox begins its leap into the snow

Taken by US photographer, Steve Hinch, 44, the normally cunning creature had been carefully tracking the hidden vole, steadying itself to pounce at any moment.

Fox Diving in Snow

Photographer, Steve Hinch, managed to capture the fox leaping in mid air

Captured jumping high into the air with eyes fixed on the prize, the bushy tailed fox is then seen diving head first into the frozen surface.

Fox Diving in Snow

Seen with its tail pointed towards the sky, the fox manages to wedge itself in the snow

However, instead of emerging with a tasty meal in its muzzle, the fox came up empty handed looking a little red faced.

Taken on the snowy plains of Yellowstone National Park, the bright red fox then carried on its journey to find food.

Steve said: “I enjoyed watching the fox leap into the snow, hunting in this fashion is a great spectacle to see.

“The fox will listen for the sound of its prey as it moves in tunnels under the snow.

“As I was watching and photographing the fox I could see its ears twitching back and forth trying to pinpoint the location of the rodent.

“Once it had pinpointed its prey, the fox leapt up high and dropped down face first into the snow attempting to pin the rodent with its nose or paws.

“Sadly on this occasion, the fox missed its meal.”