Out of this world – 360 skydive looks like the edge of space

This skydive looks out of this world.  

Caio Afeto, 30, leapt from 12,000 feet above the city of Guarapari in his homeland of Brazil with a 360 camera strapped to his helmet.

Pic by Caio Afeto/Caters News

He was able to capture incredible footage of himself on the way down.

The camera shapes the ground way below him into a perfect sphere, giving the appearance he is jumping shirtless  from the edge of space with the entire globe below him.

After 50 seconds of pulling different poses in the air

Pic by Caio Afeto/Caters News

Caio said: “I thought it would be much more interesting to capture my jump with a 360fly camera.

“It records in 360 and makes the ground below look round – as if I was looking at the entire earth.

“Skydiving is one of the most fun sports in the world that gives you an intense feeling of freedom, and this seemed another great way of filming that.

Pic by Caio Afeto/Caters News

“I jumped from 12,000ft so I only had a little under 50 seconds to have some fun and try some different position before I opened my main parachute.

“It took me another two minutes to float safely down to the ground.”