On thin ice! Daredevil snowboarders travel for weeks to take on Antarctica’s Icebergs

These snowboarders really are on thin ice – taking on some of Antarctica’s most extreme powder.

Amazing Ski Down Iceberg

The incredible moment a snowboarder skis down the side an iceberg

Thrill-seekers Xavier de le Rue and Lucas DeBari shot down the likes of icebergs, glaciers and jaw-dropping cliffs.

Amazing Ski Down Iceberg

The breathtaking images were taken after the group sent weeks travelling to some of Antarctica’s toughest-to-reach spots.

Accompanied by snapper Tero Repo, the group spent weeks travelling across frozen seas to conquer Antarctica’s toughest-to-reach spots.

Amazing Ski Down Iceberg

The group even experienced some local wildlife on their unique journey

Xavier, a professional snowboarder from France, wanted Tero to captured the entire event through his lens.

Amazing Ski Down Iceberg

The group make their way up the huge iceberg with two of the climbers clutching their snowboards and one of them holding their skis

The photographer said: “I’ve been working with Xavier for years and we came up with the idea for this expedition.

“The only negative was crossing the Drake Passage, as sea sickness wasn’t fun.

“But it was the trip of a lifetime – Antarctica is one of the most amazing places in the world.”

While Tero, 36, was on skis, Lucas and Xavier opted for snowboards.

A few tricks were straightforward but in front of the stunning backgrounds even a frontside 360-degree looked spectacular.

Tero, from Helsinki, Finland, revealed the group would spend a day or two at each spot making sure every picture was perfect.

He added: “Everyone has been really stoked by the photographs and it’s one of those trips that never gets old.

“I think 20 years from now people will still be talking about these photos.”