Now that’s a black run! Stomach churning photos take daredevil skier fly down near vertical slopes

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News 

This skier pulled off a perfect winter wonder – by skiing down near vertical slopes.

Rather than take a cautious approach to the almost unchartered terrain, Jérémie Heitz took a fast and free flowing approach to the unforgiving descents.

Despite falling once, Heitz was able to keep his cool in the Swiss Alps to make it safely to the bottom.

In total, he conquered 11 mountain faces in a year.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News 

Finnish photographer Tero Repo was able to capture his daring attempt from a helicopter.

The 38-year-old said: “I took most of the shots from a helicopter to capture the steepness and the surrounding scenery.

“Because the landscape is so dramatic, some of the photos actually show more scenery than skiing.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News 

“There were some terrifying moments. I was really scared for the skier. My job was easy, but at the same time I was living in the moment with him, and he had become a good friend.

“My favourite place to shoot was Obergabelhorn. As soon as you see skiers start to go down, you know you are going to get amazing shots.

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News 

“We did most of the shooting for the film La Liste, in which we attempted to hit 15 4000m peaks around the Alps.

“We were chasing good weather conditions most of the time.”

Pic by Tero Repo/Caters News