Noble nature: Misty morning snaps capture ‘glowing’ silhouette of majestic stag bathed in golden sunlight

These striking snaps show the ‘glowing’ silhouette of a stag in all its majesty as it is bathed in golden sunlight during a misty sunrise.

Taken as a light mist rolled in over the grass, the stunning shots capture the crisp outline of a powerful male red deer and his impressive antlers illuminated by an autumn sunrise.


The sun-kissed and dewy ground appeared to be gilded by the gold hue of the early morning sun displaying the noble nature of the stag as he strolled through Wollaton Park, Notts, last week.

While he watched other photographers at the park that morning try to battle against the unusual lighting, Steve Adams spotted the opportunity to use it to his advantage.

Semi-retired builder Steve, 56, said he felt very fortunate to have been granted the rare chance to combine his two favourite things – stags and sunrises – in one beautiful photo.

Steve, of Kimberley, Notts, said: “It had gone quiet as far as the rutting goes and all the deer were starting to go their separate ways.


“I was watching this stag walking across the park as this light mist rolled in and the sun started to rise behind him.

“There were a few other photographers there and I could see them all moving around so the sun was behind them and trying to get his face in.

“But the sunrise was such a fantastic golden colour and I could see this stag glowing, it really caught my eye.

“I had this image in my head of the stag bathed in this golden light so I stayed where I was and started taking photos.

“They turned out exactly how I had imagined, it’s incredible. I feel really lucky. It doesn’t happen every day that everything comes together so perfectly.

“I took a risk thinking all the other photographers were going for the wrong shot but I’m so glad it worked out.


“There won’t be many occasions in life where a stag is so beautifully lit up like that, especially with that golden hue. I’ve not seen anything like it, it was brilliant.

“I looked at the photos after and I knew I’d got something nobody else would have. I was pretty happy with that so called it a day and went to get some breakfast.

“My two favourite things to photograph are wildlife, especially stags, and sunrises so this photo is just the perfect combination. It’s a really rewarding feeling.”

The brilliant shots were taken by Steve using a Canon 7D MKII and a Canon 100-400mm zoom lens.

Animal lover Steve’s passion for photography started in his childhood but he got into the hobby properly five years ago with the rise of digital cameras.


Steve said: “I first got into photography while I was at school but then I just let it go for a while. It was when digital cameras started coming out about five years ago that I really got interested again.

“Now I am constantly out and about taking photos. I need to be outdoors, otherwise I’d go mad.

“I’m quite an animal lover and I really enjoy being surrounded by nature and wildlife.”