Night riders – Surfers at night

Pic by Sash Fitzsimmons/Caters News

These surfers are true night riders.

After the sun had set the thrill seekers took to the waves off the coast of Hawaii’s North Shore to go surfing under the stars.

Photos from inside the breaking waves show the boarders shooting through a tunnel of water, with the blue sea highlighted against a deep orange backdrop.

Pic by Sash Fitzsimmons/Caters News

The pictures were taken by part-time photographer and construction manager Sash Fitzsimmons from Hawaii.

Sash, 48, said: “I grew up surfing and now I get the same adrenaline rush from taking photographs in the water as I do from surfing.

Pic by Sash Fitzsimmons/Caters News 

“I was in the water for a couple of hours trying to get all the different shots.”