New York, new look – Photographer shows of beauty of New York (state), focusing on autumn colours away from concrete jungle

While many may immediately associate “New York” with the world-famous concrete jungle, this photographer instead decided to show off the beauty of autumn across the more remote parts of New York State.

Aaron Keigher’s beautiful drone footage shows off the crisp oranges and yellows of autumnal foliage; bridges and rivers that slink their way through Upstate New York.

Through his video and images, 39-year-old Aaron was looking to depict the concept of change – the transition that autumn brings, not only in terms of tree colour, but also weather and feel, too.

Pic by Aaron Keigher / Caters

Aaron, who lives in New Jersey, shot the package across a number of locations dotted throughout the Hudson Valley.

He said: “When people think about New York, they tend to think about New York City, not nature.

“I wanted to show that there is real stunning beauty in New York.

Pic by Aaron Keigher / Caters

“Autumn in upstate New York is probably one of the most stunning places to see fall colors in the Northeast United States, and I hope that this video shows people that beauty and encourages them to take a few minutes to get out of the city and enjoy this stunning landscape.”

The idea of changing people’s perception of New York beauty was what drove the series, Aaron said.

Most people, he added, head west for natural beauty in America; but as someone who has spent years in the Northeast, Aaron wanted to show off the splendor of the East, too.

In the past, the photoprapher has also created a video called “Lights On!”, a project that explored the change of light from day to night in American cities.

Pic by Aaron Keigher / Caters

Aaron, the director of Timelapes City, LLC, a New York-based video production company, said: “I think what excites me the most about shooting with a drone is when I get up in the air and all of a sudden find something that I would have never seen from down below.

Pic by Aaron Keigher / Caters

“That being said, it is quite scary to fly in some of these places — you are always afraid you will crash your drone, and you have to make sure you follow all the rules and regulations.

“They are there to help keep people safe while you are flying.”