New owners – Mother nature reclaims villa 

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

This long-abandoned villa now has Mother Nature as its owner.

The previously grand home in Italy features large rooms and beautiful archways leading outdoors.

But where once the residents would have wined and dined in comfort, now the floor is buried under years of fallen leaves and tiles.

Several large, beautiful trees have had time to grow up through the ceiling, curling in interesting patterns as they wind their way skywards.

Several of the walls still have remnants of decorative features and outlines of the former owner’s artwork imprinted on them

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

The villa was photographed by Roman Robroek, a photographer and ICT service provider from the Netherlands.

Roman, 30, said: “I’ve tried to capture how nature is reclaiming space by completely taking over a building with trees and plants.

“The most exciting thing is that there are two actual trees growing right in the middle of two rooms.

“You can only imagine how long they must have been there and how long this villa has been abandoned for.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

“I thought it was very romantic when I first saw it.

“After hearing about the villa it was clear to me I had to visit it as soon as possible, and I was in luck because since I was last there some of the rooms have unfortunately been covered with graffiti.

“The hardest part was actually locating it and then finding a way through the thick bushes to access it.

PIC BY Roman Robroek / CATERS NEWS

“Once inside I had to be careful where I stood because the building is in such a bad state. There are broken stairs and holes everywhere, and it no longer has a roof.”