Middle earth? Amazing fairytale forest looks like Lord of the Rings film set

This amazing fairytale forest might look like something from Lord of the Rings but it is very much real – and in the UK.

Neil Burnell, 44, captured the incredibly atmospheric images of Wistmans Wood in Dartmoor, Devon, over the course of last year.

Pic by Neil Burnell/Caters News

And when admiring his handiwork, the graphic designer and fine art photographer from Devon realised the scene bore a striking resemblance to Middle Earth’s Fangorn Forest.

Neil, who named his photo project ‘The Mystical’, visited the difficult-to-find woodland 20 times to get the perfect shots.

He said: “I’m often told by people the photos look like a forest from Middle Earth.

“It felt like I was in a film set, so I wanted to portray the cinematic feel in the photo series.

Pic by Neil Burnell/Caters News

“My favourite image from the set is Empire, as this was the first time in many visits where I had the conditions I wanted and was the shot that got the series started.

“I personally feel the forest looks like more like Dagobah from Star Wars, which is why I called the photo Empire, after Empire Strikes Back.

“I love to try and produce an atmosphere in my images, and Wistmans Wood is one of the most atmospheric places I’ve visited.

“The woodland is also notoriously difficult to photograph and I love a challenge.

“I have probably visited Wistmans Wood around 20 times in the last year but unfortunately, it has only had the required mist on two occasions.

“Photographing it without the fog is a hard task, and almost impossible to make images with the atmosphere I was looking for.”