Mesmerising images capture stunning emerald ascent across the night sky

Pic By Paul Zizka/Caters News 

These mesmerising images, captured by Paul Zizka, 37, show a stunning emerald display across the night sky.

The striking shots were taken on May 28 2017 at various locations throughout Banff National Park in Canada.

The bright lights, otherwise known as an Aurora, is an incredible light show caused by collisions between electrically charged particles released from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere and collide with gases such as oxygen and nitrogen.

Pic By Paul Zizka/Caters News 

Paul said: “It’s a location I’d had in mind for a while and had been waiting for the right conditions to make the shots work.

“This night couldn’t have been more perfect.

“I used my friend and excellent climber Mike Stuart in the frame to show the scale of the incredible landscape and aurora show.

Pic By Paul Zizka/Caters News

“In particular I like the shot of the climber with the aurora in the background as it’s something I’ve been imagining up for a long time now – it was great to see it finally come to life.

“It’s hard to focus when you have such an impressive and unique phenomenon above your head but it adds to the excitement of getting the perfect shot.

“It was one of the best aurora borealis that I have ever witnessed.”

Pic By Paul Zizka/Caters News