Man rides his motorbike across water

A keen biker takes his motor skills to water as he performs what some would consider to be the impossible – literally riding on the crest of a wave!

Building his first waterbike back in 2015, Lauri Keranen from Finland began riding on water in the winter of 2016, when the rivers were frozen.

But now he prefers to ride in summer, and has been doing so for the last three years.

Lauri said: “I’ve had a few accidents, with my bike sinking a few times due to big waves, but I’m always prepared for that.

“My newest waterbike has airbags so it shouldn’t sink at all.”

Describing the sensation of driving on water as, ‘easy if you know how to handle a bike’, Lauri says that he still gets nervous despite being prepared.

“I’m always nervous when I’m going to the water as it takes a lot of time to prepare everything for the ride.

“However, when I’m actually on the water it feels like flying and I forget everything.

“I just drive and enjoy; it’s all worth it in the end.”