Making waves – Photographer captures stunning images inside waves 

This surfer’s photography is making some waves. 

Brandon Imbriale, from Riverside, California, has managed to capture hundreds of photo and videos from right inside breaking waves. 

Brandon Imbriale / Caters News

Popping up into the middle of a wave, he manages to capture amazing images as they roll over the top of him. 

His photography has put the high school vice principal in the line of danger numerous times but the results keep him coming back for more. 

The pictures were taken in various locations off the shores of southern California.  

Brandon, 34, said: “Capturing waves is just as magical as you think. 

Brandon Imbriale / Caters News

“Being locking inside a wide-throwing shorebreak barrel is about as exhilarating as it gets. 

“It’s also extremely satisfying to know that you are providing a view for people that allows them to see the beauty of waves and the ocean they will never normally see. 

“It’s a feeling that has made me come back time and time again because it’s incredibly addicting.

Brandon Imbriale / Caters News

“I’ve been washed across reefs, slammed onto the shore, hit in the head by my camera, held underwater and stung by stingrays but the satisfaction at the end product makes the risks worth it.” 

Brandon had been a keen surfer all his life but only began wave photography a few years ago after he was gifted a GoPro camera. 

Since then he has become good friends with many people who take pictures of waves. 

“Growing up in Southern California, I always went to the beach and rode waves, whether it was surfing, bodyboarding or bodysurfing. 

Brandon Imbriale / Caters News

“The photography started when my in-laws got me a GoPro camera for Christmas a few years ago. 

“At that point I decided I needed to start doing adventurous things to make use of my camera. 

“I started following Robbie Crawford on Instagram and he takes amazing wave photos. 

Brandon Imbriale / Caters News

“I soon found the wave photography community was bigger than I thought and started connecting with people, even meeting up to shoot with them. 

“Today, many of these people are my best friends through our common passion for wave photography.”