Majestic osprey swoops down to catch fish and stunning moment is beautifully reflected in water below


A majestic Osprey swooped down to catch a fish with the image was beautifully reflected in the water below.

Photographer Gary Jones travelled 400 miles to the picturesque Cairngorms National Park in Scotland to photograph Ospreys and spent more than 30 hours in a hide so as not to disturb the birds in their natural environment.

The 50-year-old’s patience eventually paid off when he snapped the moment one particular Osprey plucked a fish from a loch – also capturing the beautifully clear mirror image in the water below.

Gary, a shopping centre manager from the Wirral, said: “I travelled up to the Cairngorms, a 400-mile journey, and spent 30 hours in the hides at Rothiemurchas Fishery for two days, before switching to the small Lochan in Aviemore.


“I was in the hide at 5am in the dark, this is done so there are no birds around that can see you going in and get spooked.

“I am always looking for a different type of shot and I knew if the early morning sun lit that part of the lochan it really does change the character of the images.

“I was just really fortunate as it was a dead calm morning with no wind and the water surface was flat giving great reflections.

“i was really pleased with the result as reflective shots are difficult due to the huge amount of water disturbance and splash as an Osprey dives

“My real love is photographing birds, especially in flight but more than anything I am completely passionate about Ospreys and travel 1000’s of miles each year to photograph them in Scotland and also down at Rutland Water.”