Lovely bones! Blonde beauty’s amazing 3D make-up skull looks take up to 12 hours to complete

A blonde beauty who became obsessed with makeup as a child now inspires thousands of people around the world with her amazing intricate 3D looks.

Vanessa Davis, from Holloway, London, creates detailed creations on her own skin whilst incorporating her handmade theatrical props with themes such as English Wedgewood, Haute Couture and spring florals.


Vanessa, who gave up her job the English National Opera house as a hair and make-up manager to pursue her dream as a full-time makeup artist, can spend between six to 12 hours creating the looks as well as weeks spent preparing designs and prosthetics.

The 35-year-old now has over 500,000 followers on her Instagram page and inspires thousands of people every day with her skull based looks, calling herself the Skulltress.

Vanessa said: “I worked at the English National Opera House for 11 years and built my social media accounts up alongside, but three months ago it felt like the right time to leave and commit to it full-time.


“Now it’s just exploded into something big.

“Make-up can be so magical, it’s all about transforming yourself, boosting your confidence or becoming a character. Make-up can be so powerful and it’s so underrated.

“I started creating the more theatrical 3D looks about 18 months ago and use anything from sequins, feathers or handmade props.

“I’m inspired by nature, colours and textures and I try and stay away from trends so I can come up with completely new and different ideas.


“The Wedgewood ceramic theme was one of my favorites and actually took six weeks to prepare, I even visited the factory in Staffordshire.

“I’m a massive perfectionist and you can’t take a break from it, once it is on your skin you can’t stop, go to bed and come back to it the next day and doing thing backward in a mirror is very difficult.

“You become a living piece of art.”

Vanessa, who grew up in South America and Singapore, was inspired by her mother as a child and would watch her apply her make-up for hours on end.

After her Mum was fed up with her breaking her lipsticks and palettes, she bought her four-year-old daughter her own, that could only be worn on Sundays.


Vanessa, who moved to the UK when she turned 18 to study at the Univesity of Arts, London, now inspires people around the world with her impressive artwork and receives messages from fans explaining how she has brought them out of a ‘rut’ and encourage them to pick up a makeup brush.

She said: “Some of the messages I receive are just wonderful. My Wedgewood look actual inspired one lady to get in touch with me after she said it had reminded her of her late mother’s ceramic collection and it was really touching.

“We often get stuck in auto-pilot, watching TV or sat on social media, but if I can inspire people to pick up a pencil and draw or pick up a makeup brush, then that’s amazing.”