Looking at the heavens – Photographer captures perfectly symmetical ceilings

 Pic by Loic Lagard / Caters News 

These perfectly symmetrical ceilings in religious buildings around the world are almost like looking at the heavens themselves.

The beauty of the precise patterns carved high above the camera have been captured in a series of stunning images.

Colourful light streaming through the stained glass windows of some churches and mosques helps to highlight the intricacies of the decorations.

The stunning ceilings pictured include the New Mosque in Istanbul, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, and San Pietro in Rome.

They were captured by 36-year-old photographer Loic Lagarde, from Paris.

Pic by Loic Lagard / Caters News

He also used his technique to photograph his city’s most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, as well as the Rua Augusta Arch in Lisbon and the Pantheon in Rome.

Loic said: “I love shooting impressive architecture such as cathedrals and mosques. I think taking photos that look up enhance their magnificence.

“I travel to most major cities in Europe and Asia which have a strong historical tradition. You are always going to find perfect buildings there.

“With a wide angle lens I can capture all the architecture and show off the beautiful symmetry.

Pic by Loic Lagard / Caters News 

“Composing the pictures can be difficult. You have find the centre of the building and place the camera on the floor, making sure it is perfectly horizontal.

“That often means I cannot see what I am taking a picture of, but it’s not always possible to lie on the floor.”

The full list of places photographed includes:

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

The Lisieux – Basilique Notre Dame, Paris

The Pantheon in Paris

The New Mosque, Istanbul

The Sainte Chapelle  in Paris

The Basicilica, Prague

The Arc of Triomphe in Lisbon

The Warsaw University of Technology.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris.

The Pantheon, Rome

The San Pietro, Rome

The Palacio de la Musica in Barcelona.