Time lapse video shows huge thunderstorm in Byron bay!

PIC BY DK Photography/ Caters News

These brave photographers were just metres away as a deadly lightning bolt struck.

Karlie Russell and Dale Sharpe, from the Gold Coast, Australia, have spent the past five years storm chasing, but have never come so close.

They have now compiled a time lapse video of the monster storm which shows the terrifying lightning strike no more than 800m away from them.

The brave couple said it was a ‘little too close for comfort’ after watching their footage back and seeing how near they were.

Dale, 34, said: “We had been using weather forecasts to track this cell south.

“When we arrived, we set up our gear facing towards the path of the storm but they can be so unpredictable.

PIC BY DK Photography/ Caters News

“I think it was a case of right place, right time to capture what we did!”

Karlie, 29, added: “It was the loudest, most intense storm we have ever witnessed.

“We were pretty scared out there in the open, to be honest.

PIC BY DK Photography/ Caters News

“At the time, the flash was so bright that we didn’t notice where exactly on the beach it struck.

“It was only once we were reviewing the footage that we realised just how close it was.

“We both love the thrill of a storm chase, but with the damage this bolt did to the sand, it really did feel a little too close for comfort.”