Legendary Circus Performer Takes To The Skies With Explosive High Wire Show Over Picturesque Swiss Town

A veteran circus performer showcased a jaw-dropping high wire firework show over a quaint Swiss town.

When legendary 54-year-old circus performer Freddy Nock rolled up to the picturesque town of Rapperswil, Switzerland, residents got a showstopper of a performance.

In honour of the largest National Circus in Switzerland turning 100 years old, fearless Freddy, from Uerkheim, Switzerland, put on a jaw-dropping display to say thank you to the town’s inhabitants.

PIC FROM Caters News

Wearing a historical costume that honoured the first high wire runners in Switzerland, Freddy performed a daring stunt more than 150ft in the air above thousands of adoring spectators.

Spanning approximately 500 foot and stretching from one end of the town to the other, Freddy balanced, walked and even cycled across the razor-thin wire leaving the audience below in awe.

But the fun didn’t stop when the sun went down, as when the darkness of night eclipsed the town, Freddy took his daring act to new levels with an amazing firework display shooting from his back.

PIC FROM Caters News

While Freddy may be a living legend of 35 years’ worth of experience with several Guinness World Records, he still pushes himself to blow people’s minds – including long-time co-worker Kai Fischer.

Kai said: “Freddy needs to have 100 per cent control of his body, mind and soul to perform all his stunts without any security equipment!

“Using fireworks was incredibly difficult as the unexpected power of the pyrotechnics can cause Freddy to lose his balance if his timing is not 100 per cent.

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“Having the firework high wire performance happen at night was also incredibly difficult.

“You have to be able to do a real ‘blind walk’ in daylight were you can’t see anything.

“If you can perform a ‘blind walk’, you can walk at night on a wire of 20mm diameter.

“Freddy’s motto is ‘the sky is the limit’.”

PIC FROM Caters News