Leap Of Faith – Base Jumper Parachutes 1200ft Off Iconic Scottish Peak

A base jumper has leaped 1200ft off an iconic Scottish mountain.

Josh Montane jumped off the Old Man of Storr in glorious sunshine back in January.

Pic by Brodie Hood/Caters Newss

The ‘Old Man’ is iconic outcrop that dominates the Isle of Skye and is frequently scaled by ambitious climbers – despite it being 1200ft high.

Josh scaled the ‘Old Man’ before jumping off the summit with his ski’s and a parachute attached.

Fellow athlete Tim Howell said: “The low lying snow meant I was able to do a ski base jump from this cliff, the weather forecast predicted good conditions.

Pic by Brodie Hood/Caters News

“Josh jumped from the cliff with ski’s and a parachute.

“The setting was so amazing, to be able to jump off a snowy mountain facing the ocean.

“The fact that Josh was able to complete the jump was an accumulation of years of experience and finally getting the right conditions.”