Keep your cool – Skiers play near lava flow

PIC BY Giuseppe Distefano / CATERS NEWS 

Thrill-seeking skiers are keeping as cool as ice – despite skiing right next to a lava flow!

Pictures from Mount Etna’s southern face show the daredevils descending with an erupting volcano in the background.

They also pictured smiling in front of a slowly advancing lava flow, with an angry red streak of molten rock running through it.

The photos were taken by Italian videographers and reporters Giuseppe Distefano, 37, and Marco Restivo, 31, 3100 metres up Mount Etna.

PIC BY Giuseppe Distefano / CATERS NEWS

Last month, several reporters and tourists sustained minor injuries when Europe’s tallest active volcano began erupting.

Giuseppe said: “It looks very dangerous, but we felt safe as we have been skiing on this volcanofrom when we first started.

“But it can you risky if you don’t have complete control of your skis.

“The lava was flowing at the time, and we even went to see its source.

PIC BY Giuseppe Distefano / CATERS NEWS 

“It was a hard trip to get there because the easy pathway was blocked by lava flows that kept cutting into it.

“It’s a completely unique experience to ski next to a lava flow and look down at the Ionian Sea and the city of Catania.”