Kaleidoscope of colour: Aerial shots of dutch tulip fields

PIC BY Barend Koper / CATERS NEWS 

Tourists from around the world come to see Holland’s Rainbow Fields.

Keen photographer, Barend Koper, from Voorhout, Holland captured the amazing picture of the colourful tulips using a drone and says his son gave him tips on how to fly it.

The pictures, taken in the area of Bollenstreek, shows rows and rows of tulips that grow every year between mid-March up until the end of May and create a bright, patchwork landscape across the countryside.

Koper says that every year he looks for the best fields to photograph, “I look for the nicest lines and the most powerful colours. Every field changes every year.”

PIC BY Barend Koper / CATERS NEWS 

“A lot of people are amazed to see these kind of pictures.”

The professional teacher, who works with autistic children, also enjoys sports photography but enjoys taking these beautiful landscape photos when the flowers come into bloom every spring.


Koper explains that you do need some experience to be able to capture these types of images and that it’s not just “fly and shoot”, he says.
“The view from about gives you another perspective and you get to see more of the beautiful colours.”