Jello there! Photographer captures selfie surrounded by hundreds of ‘jellyfish’

A photographer in Italy was lucky enough to capture a very unique selfie to brag about – surrounded by hundreds of jellyfish-like creatures.

While most people might shudder at the thought of being so close to the underwater creatures – which look like they would be able to give a nasty sting – this marine biologist thought they’d make the perfect companion to his deep-sea selfie – because they’re actually harmless.

PIC FROM Pasquale Vassallo / Caters News

Pasquale Vassallo is a marine biologist and his love for the sea and its magic was what inspired him to start taking underwater photographs.

Pasquale, from Italy, said: “During one of my dives, I noticed the strong presence of these planktonic organisms at sea, and after taking some photos to document the event, I decided to take a self-portrait with them.”

PIC FROM Pasquale Vassallo / Caters News

Vassallo was able to shoot these jellyfish-like creatures while diving in the Gulf of Naples.

Even though they bear a strong resemblance to jellyfish and they have been considered their close relative for years, they are actually “none stinging planktonic organisms “or  generally defined by the English-speaking ‘jelly plankton’,t hese innocent-looking animals are in reality voracious predators that use specialized cells (colloquins) secreting a sticky substance that enmeshes and immobilizes their prey.

PIC FROM Pasquale Vassallo / Caters News

In addition the monitoring of their status is essential, as they are able to make millions of bluefish fry disappear in a few weeks, with possible dramatic consequences for the local fisheries sector.