It will leave you beaming – delightful laser show at the world’s tallest building

This incredible light display really left a photographer BEAMING.

The laser show at Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, completely dominates the city’s skyline.

Beautiful patterns swirl around the building as the colourful seven-minute displays wow the crowds.

The highest lasers, set at the top of the building 2,700 feet in the air, shoot out into the night sky.

Dutch photographer Albert Dros was in Dubai when he saw the ‘amazing’ light show and decided he had to capture as much of it as possible.

Over several nights he captured the patters of light from all different angles.

Albert, 32, said: “These photos were taken in Dubai over a one week period, from multiple locations facing the Burj Khalifa, like the waterfront at the fountains and from some other skyscrapers around the area.

“I didn’t know they were still doing the laser show and only realised during my trip. After seeing it with my eyes I decided I had to capture it on camera.

“The show lasts about seven minutes, and during there are all kinds of graphics projected onto the Burj Khalifa and lasers shoot off in every direction in a wide range of colours.

“It’s a beautiful sight and truly amazing.”