Is this the real spider man?

By Ellie Duncombe 

This extreme sports fanatic is the real life version of Spiderman after mastering the art of Parkour.

Sergey Devliashov, 25, from Tyumen, Russia, started rock climbing when he was eight-years-old, competing in national championships and becoming part of the national team.

His passion for climbing grew as began training in parkour, watching videos online, but eventually had to choose between the two sports he loved.

Sergey said: “At the age of 15 I heard about Parkour from my friends.

Photograph from Caters News

“I started to search for more information about parkour and it was all over the internet.

“Then my rock climbing trainer saw that I was spending time doing parkour and told me that I had to choose.”

After years rock climbing, Sergey was forced to stop when he developed arthritis but decided to give Parkour another go, learning to leap from building and obstacles.

He said: “I had been spending a lot of time training and it was not hard for me at all.

“In 2011, I decided to try buildering, climbing building and bridges.

Photograph from Caters News

“It gives me a feeling of freedom.

“It is hard to explain but I am overwhelmed by the emotions when I can do something that other people are afraid to think about.”

Sergey also enjoys climbing large buildings such as the Eurasia sky scrapper, in Moscow, which is 200 metres tall.

He said: “Of course my relatives and friends worry about me but I spend time explaining to them that I take it seriously and prepare for every move.

“They still worry about me but at the same time they are proud of me.”

Pic from Caters News