Inside the volcano: Stunning images of colourful caves in Iceland

These incredible images show the incredible colours created by nature on the walls of a dormant volcano.

Florian Ledoux, 29, captured the images in an old magma chamber of an extinct Icelandic volcano called Thrihnukagigur.

The wildlife Arctic photographer, from Reykjavik, Iceland, described the magical results of the eruption, which spread different-coloured minerals on the cave’s walls, as a ‘jewel of Earth’. 

Florian said: “These pictures were taken in an old magma chamber of the volcano called Thrihnukagigur, formed 4,000 years ago during an eruption.

“The magma chamber is often referred to as the heart of a volcano.

“It’s there that the liquid rock waits to find a way through to the surface, causing a volcanic eruption.

“In most cases, the crater is usually closed after the eruption by cold, hard lava.

PIC FROM Florian Ledoux/Caters News

“These colours were spread on a wall like a paint during the last eruption. Each colour is due to different rocks and mineral.

“Here we are 120 meter under the ground- to give you an idea, the liberty statue can fit in the main chamber.

 “People often ask me if the colours are real, and the ones that get inside the volcano are really happy to see it.

“When I got down into this huge magma chamber, I could not believe what I was looking at. It looks unreal, like someone has painted the whole area.

PIC FROM Florian Ledoux/Caters News

“The challenges were definitely to shoot with such a low light condition and humidity.

“This place is unique in the world – not a place like that anywhere else.

“It is a beauty, a jewel of Earth, something to see in your life.”