Inside an abandoned soviet submarine hangar!


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These photos reveal the eerie insides of an old Soviet Union hangar for submarines.

A group of four friends from Vladivostok, Russia who go by the name of KFSS, went to the submarine base in Pavlovsk, Russia in their latest trip to satisfy their curiosity.

The amateur photographers who are fond of historical and abandoned buildings captured every ounce of spookiness in the huge network of tunnels designed to house submarines.

KFSS said: “This is the nuclear-proof hide for Soviet submarines of Soviet Pacific Ocean fleet at the the former secret object number 6.

PIC FROM Caters News

“They started to build it in 60s but in the 80s the construction slowed down and finally stopped building, leaving it unfinished.

“But from our point of view the hide is almost finished, just not equipped.

“In the 90s the USSR signed some arms limitation agreements with USA which we believe to be the reason why this object was left and not used since.

“The central part of the hide consists of two huge parallel tunnels joined together with smaller tunnels.

PIC FROM Caters News

“One of the huge tunnels is a water tunnel of 19 meters width and 450 metres long according to our measurements but satellites suggest the length is 650 meters.

“The other tunnel is 225 meters long, eight metres wide and ten to 12 metres high. There are three gated from the Western coast.

“The hide is enormous but it’s really hard to evaluate the real sizes as some tunnels are under water and we don’t know where they go to.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Now it’s impossible to get in as this base is on the territory of the active navy base and guarded so it’s probably going to be used in the near future

“The background radiation level strangely is higher than normal there for some reason unknown to us.”