Incredible skysurfer zooms through the air on ‘skyboard’ in amazing video

A skysurfer has been captured on film flying through the air on a board in this incredible video.

Joseph Jennings filmed his friend Rob Harris in freefall after a skydive.

Skyboard surfing

The stunning footage shows Rob Harris in freefall after a skydive

But instead of an ordinary parachute jump, Rob’s feet were strapped to a board so he could perform tricks while speeding towards the ground.

The jaw-dropping footage of Rob ‘skysurfing’ shows him spinning upside down and zooming through the air as if riding a giant wave.

Skyboard surfing

The daredevil jumped from 12,500 feet above sea level

The pair jumped from 12,500 feet above sea level and landed on Ventura pier just north of Los Angeles.

After learning to skydive himself, Joseph used to attach a tape recorder to his wrist and shout into it to share the experience with his friends.

When he started training with accomplished skysurfer Rob, Joseph decided to start filming their adventures.

Skyboard surfing

The world at his feet: Rob is an accomplished skysurfer

Joseph, from LA, California, said: “Skysurfing is like surfing the air.

“It is difficult to learn at first, but the board eventually becomes a tool that works to the skysurfer’s advantage.

“It can be intimidating because you’re locked to a board and it has large surface areas.

“Some jumpers have been caught up in flat spins so fast that they pass out or break a bunch of blood vessels in their eyes.

“But I’m focused on safety and I work with a very talented team of skydivers, riggers and pilots.”

Skyboard surfing

Skyboard surfing

Skyboard surfing