Incredible shots show miniature mushroom clouds created by water droplets

This incredibly miniature mushroom cloud was captured by dripping two water droplets on top of one another.

Jo Bird and Bob Riach captured these amazing images. They developed a technique by which they could drop the first water droplet and then a second one that would collide with it.

Pic by Bob Riach/Caters News

The pair have both been photographers for five years and they hoped to learn a new technique specially for an art exhibition.

The technique was so difficult that the couple used over 60 batteries in an attempt to capture the perfect moment.

They said: “We took these pictures at home. As we do not have a dark room we had to wait until it got dark as the pictures have to be taken in darkness to enable the camera flashes to freeze the water drops.

Pic by Bob Riach/Caters News

“Water droplet photography’s not an easy technique – we set ourselves a task to learn a new photography technique especially for an exhibition and It’s taken hours to learn.

“The technique involves dropping a water droplet into a water tray then dropping a second droplet that collides on the first droplet.

“We had to fire the camera and the four flash units at the exact split second when the water bounces, enabling us to freeze motion as the water collides.

Pic by Bob Riach/Caters News

“The results were the amazing pictures – It’s not just the images themselves which are fascinating it’s the technique involved.

“We’re seeing a moment captured in a millisecond and the results are amazing.

“These are photos that will make you want to look twice or even thrice because it’s not quite clear what’s happening in them.

Pic by Bob Riach/Caters News

“We want to let each picture ‘speak for itself’ and not impose a ‘text’ upon the image and the person viewing the picture.”