Incredible pictures show fearless daredevils swining from a cliff more than 3500 feet high and if that isn’t enough theres fire!

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Swinging thousands of feet from a cliff edge with fire at your feet might not be everyone’s idea of a good time but for these adrenaline junkies there is no better feeling.

This insane sport sees daredevils hurling themselves from a make-shift swing on Mount Kjerag in Norway, before performing various risky manoeuvres, including somersaults and plummeting 3,640 to the ground.

And if that wasn’t enough, as these insane pictures show, a fire-breather is also hot on the heels of the jumpers – making the spectacular stunts even more dangerous.

PIC FROM Caters News

These incredible pictures were shot by father and son team Frank and Simen Haughom, founders of Spectacular Norway, during a recent trip to the iconic Mount Kjerag.

Kjerag, which towers above the Lysefjord in south-western Norway, is a popular destination for base jumping.

Eleven people have died throwing themselves from the mountain, including British stuntman, Terry Forrestal, who died in 2000 aged 52.

PIC FROM Caters News 

Frank said: “It’s very special being at Kjerag.

“To see people jump over the cliffs is fascinating but also very scary because they are so close to the cliff face.”