Incredible Northern Lights shine with Lennon Peace Tower

Hallgrimur P. Helgason / Caters News

These incredible shots were taken as the Northern Lights shone together with light of John Lennon’s Imagine Peace tower.

The photos show the brilliant green and white lights mixing together to create a stunning display, while the stars and city lights shine in the background.

Hallgrimur P. Helgason / Caters News

Hallgrimur Helgason, who took these pictures in Reykjavik, Iceland, says that he can never resist trying to capture the aurora borealis.

The Imagine Peace Tower is a memorial to musician John Lennon, set up by his wife Yoko Ono. The tower lights up every year from October 9th, Lennon’s birthday, to December 8th – the day of his death.

Hallgrimur said: “I never can resist trying to capture the Northern lights if I have the chance.

“I took these were shot last Saturday night on October 21st and though the prediction for the lights was low I was still on the lookout as the sky was clear.

“Normally I’d have gone out into the dark away from the city lights, but the chance of them Lights showing was slim so I didn’t bother to.

Hallgrimur P. Helgason / Caters News

“So when I saw from my doorstep the first green sweeps – I ran out into my back yard overlooking Reykjavik and made some shots.

“I’ve been shooting the Aurora for some years and this was rather an easy one – I was out and back in my home in less than 30 minutes.”