Incredible moment One World Trade Center appeared to perform its own natural ‘light’ tribute.

This is the incredible moment One World Trade Center appears to perform its own natural ‘light’ tribute.

The amazing sight –  believed to have never been seen before – was captured Friday morning during rush hour in New York City, USA.

1WTC natural light tribute

The mysterious beam of shooting high into the air

Keen snapper Jay Fine, who lives a short walk south from the site, photographed the spectacular scene.

It’s unknown what caused the beam to shoot into the sky from the iconic skyscraper which looked similar to the 9/11 tribute.

1WTC natural light tribute

88 search lights were used to create the amazing spectacle

But speculation online ranged from water particles caused by cleaning and illuminated by the sun to ALIENS.

The Tribute in Light is an art installation of 88 searchlights to create two vertical columns of light in remembrance of the 2001 terror attacks.

1WTC natural light tribute

It is believed this was the first time the art installation has been seen

Jay said: ‘I shot the photos around 8.45am a few blocks south of One World Trade Center.

“I photograph the building every morning as I run some errands.

“But on this morning I noticed something I’d never seen before – a streak of light, like a comet’s tail, coming off the east side of the building.

“It was there for at least 15 minutes. I have no idea what caused it – I’ve never seen anything like it.”