Incredible moment millions of fish gather together to form huge sardine cloud above stunned driver

This diver could be forgiven for thinking there’s something fishy going on – as a huge sardine cloud forms above her head.

The incredible moment was caught on camera by Josh Vergara, during a dive in Moalboal in the Philippines.

Pic by Josh Vergara/Caters News

The 32-year-old was photographing a friend during the sardine run when millions of the tiny fish joined together to form an enormous silver cloud.

Josh said: “Millions of sardines formed various shapes and I caught them in many different forms.

“I’ve finally ticked off that wish from my diving bucket list.

Pic by Josh Vergara/Caters News

Sardines were shoaling by the millions, the cloud of fish was so thick it blocked the sun at some points of the dive.

“I was in awe.”