Incredible moment kayaker plunges 50 feet down ferocious waterfall

This is the breath-taking moment a daredevil kayaker plunged 50ft down a turbulent waterfall. 

50ft Kayak Drop

The kayaker readies himself for the epic 50 foot plunge

Thrill-seeker, Marcelo Galizio, 27, used his paddle to launch himself from the peak of the fast flowing waterfall in Michigan, USA.

50ft Kayak Drop

Engulfed by the powerful water stream, kayaker, Marcelo Galizio, heads over the lip of the waterfall


The professional kayaker, from Brazil, managed to snap the heart-stopping moment on his GoPro camera before plummeting into the violent murky waters below.

50ft Kayak Drop

Megan Rappa, an extreme sports photographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsinm, managed to capture the nerve shredding moment on camera

The death-defying drop, at Tahquamenon Falls State Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, was also captured by Megan Rappa, an extreme sports photographer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

50ft Kayak Drop

After surviving the epic drop, Marcelo Galizio, manages to turn his kayak and paddle to safety

The waterfall, which has a drop of 50ft and is more than 200 feet wide, is the second largest fall east of the Mississippi river and is Marcelo’s biggest ever free fall descent.

Adrenaline junkie Marcelo, who took up the sport in 2007, has kayaked over 100 waterfalls around the world in places such as the River Futa, in Chile, and the Escondido River, in Nicaragua.

Photographer Megan said: “Before the shoot Marcelo was a complete stranger to me.

“Remarkably, we met on Tinder and he invited me along to take some pictures of the drop.

“As a young adventure loving photographer there was something inside that couldn’t pass this opportunity up.

“Marcelo scoped the falls out for about an hour or two and picked the best line to take, he was very meticulous.

“The first time Marcelo dropped I was a little nervous for him, just like everyone else watching, but I knew he was an experienced professional.

“That’s the awesome thing about taking risks and doing what you love though, absolutely nothing else matters not even time.”