Incredible moment kayaker passes through waterfall’s rainbow

This is the death-defying moment a thrill-seeking kayaker plunges 150ft from the top of a ferocious waterfall and falls through a rainbow.

Amazing Rainbow Kayak

Kayaker, Rafael Ortiz, makes his way over the edge of the waterfall

Taken this summer, the heart-stopping images were captured on camera by celebrated extreme sports photographer Eric Parker and show kayaker Rafael Ortiz tackling the 141ft drop of the Alexander Falls waterfall in British Columbia, Canada.

Amazing Rainbow Kayak

Captured in mid-air, the adrenaline junkie manages to pass through a rainbow on his way down

Adrenaline junkie Rafael is no stranger to danger but shooting through a rainbow whilst hurtling down the gnarliest of white-water depths was an added bonus.

Amazing Rainbow Kayak

Rafael hurtles down the white water rapids leading to Alexander Falls, British Columbia

The South American kayaker is a legend in a sport which has taken him all over the world including an expedition when he managed to land the tallest waterfall ever dropped by a man, The Pallouse Falls with 57.6m.

Photographer Eric, from Washington, USA is a champion in the world of extreme sports photography and he managed to catch all the action on his trusty camera.

Amazing Rainbow Kayak

The incredible extreme athlete has even managed to land the tallest waterfall ever dropped by a man

Eric said: “I love that waterfalls, epic rock formations, and rainbows usually come in a package deal. Rivers are incredible pieces of nature and these pictures show that nature off perfectly.

“There are few things more peaceful than water falling in the sky, which is why I love to shoot waterfalls.

“It was amazing to watch Rafael tackle this waterfall so skillfully.”